About Us

We produce accurate 3D rendered images for the promotional needs of your project. Stunning interiors with custom styling, and exteriors that feel the true location.  We can also produce flythrough, animation, 360 degree panoramas and just about anything else that will help engage the spatial experience of your project.

From residential homes and apartments, to town centres; we have the architectural, interior and technical experience to provide you with exceptional results and can-do service.

DeeDee Studio Limited is a New Zealand registered company (2013). We are equipped to work with clients both in New Zealand and globally.

How we can help

Architects and Designers
Produce stunning 3D renders for the presentation stage of your project to get clients, investors and council on-board with your vision. We can integrate with your workflow and save your office time.
Digital Media and Marketing Agencies
Support your campaign with 3D renders that are in-line with your brand strategy and generate desire by engaging your target audience with the spatial element of your project.
Property Developers
Promote your project or brand with custom 3D renders that engage your target market and attract project pre-sales. We can work in with your architects’ workflow.

“Our mission is to provide you with great looking, accurate 3D renders – that pitch to your target market and sell your project”

Jonathan Davies
Creative Director